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Ç&a law firm was founded by Selcan AFACAN and Kenan çalış in 2013 and since then has been providing legal consultancy and attorneyship services in the fields of insurance and Compensation Law, Health Law, Labor Law, divorce and family law.

The mission of the Ç&a law office is to resolve the legal problems of its clients quickly and effectively. In this context, the legal problems of the clients are followed day by day, and, unlike the classical concept of attorneyship, mediation, reconciliation, arbitration and arbitration are concluded successfully.

Ç&a law firm works with its young, hardworking and determined staff and with a solution oriented approach. All the information and documents you share with the Ç&a law office are not shared with any institution, organization or person, considering the confidentiality obligation of the attorney in relation to the client lawyer.


[01.10.18 17:05]

The First Law of the legal revolution which was established under the leadership of Atatürk on the basis of national sovereignty in the first years of our republic was the Civil Code.

Our revolutionary law came into force on October 4, 1926.

Civil code is the basic law regulating private life Relations from the birth of the citizens to the death of them.
92 years ago, with the entry into force of the Civil Code, women became citizens with men in terms of rights related to their private lives, such as marriage, divorce, property and inheritance. For example, the marriage age rule was adopted; "one-month marriage" and "official marriage" were accepted instead of marrying more than one woman. The rules such as "divorce” and" equal share of inheritance "for boys and girls were guaranteed by the laws of women's rights by the decision of the judge instead of divorce.
With the amendment made in the civil code in 2002, the rules of family law were adjusted to the evolving conditions of the day, equality was introduced in the mutual rights, in the representation of marriage union and in the sharing of the acquired property.
Unfortunately, 92 years later, today, we are witnessing discourse and changes in the law that have ignored equality between men and women and led to the destruction of Civil Law.  With the amendment to the law on Population Services, granting the“official marriage authority” to the Mufti means ignoring the Civil Law and secular law rules.
We call upon all women and all those who defend our secular republic to consider equality of women and men as a matter of democracy and to adopt our civil code.
Istanbul Bar Association Women's Rights Centre
Istanbul Women's Union

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